Bay shipping services is one of the re-known Ship crew management services in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 2007 with a vision of unequivocal commitment to quality, reliability, efficient management and cost effective solution. We are respected for our quality services to client and Seafarer and our utmost effort is to promote and implement the safety of life at sea and customer satisfaction.

Company Background

Bay Shipping Services was established by Chief Engineer Mr. Azadur Rahman who  is highly experienced Marine Engineer having more than 20 years experience in Marine profession. Mr. Azadur Rahman is the Managing Director of the Company and he is committed to transform the company into a powerful commercial entity in providing crewmanagement and ship related services worldwide.

Management System:

Our management is structured to fulfill all the requirements of a major company to cover allcrew management and ship related functions.

Bay Shipping Services is dedicated to meet the needs of customer to provide high qualityservice through a pool of highly experience seafarer and their highly professional shore based staff.

Our shore based staff consist of Seafarer (Masters/Chief Engineers), and widely experienced Managers who have vast Knowledge to serve in this highly competitive Shipping Industry.

We have a head office which is based in Chittagong, and an operational unit in Dhaka.

We have govt. Manning license No. is MLA-022

Company Policy & Objectives:

Bay Shipping Services is engaged in the business of Ship recruiting. Bay shipping services has given outstanding

consideration to the following while formulating the quality policy.

–The purpose of BSS

–The need to include an explicit commitment for compliance to requirements

–The need to include an explicit commitment to continual improvement of effectiveness of the quality management system

–The required continual compatibility with quality objectives


  • BSS will follow all statutory and legislative requirements of ship crew recruiting. Such requirements are well informed and trained to all BSS employees
  • BSS adopts procedures and disciplines to ensure that the system is effectively implemented and in line with our organizational goals and expectations;
  • BSS establishes responsibilities for quality and communicate these responsibilities clearly to all employees;
  • BSS checks the effectiveness and ongoing relevance of the policies and procedures by initiating regular reviews
  • BSS regularly review the needs and expectations of our customers and initiate continuous improvement activities to meet these expectations.
  • BSS strictly adhere with relevant marine legislative requirements.
  • We are committed to provide necessary resources, good working environment and training to develop the required skills of the employees for continual improvement of the efficacy of the Quality Management System.
  • BSS is committed that there are no charges to the seafarer for recruitment and placement services offered. However in few cases this will exclude Bank Guarantees, which is applicable for ratings (if any).
  • Sometimes seafarers will be required to pay visa fees, which he will reimburse before joining. In that cases all costs which the seafarer will be expected to bear in the recruitment and placement process are to be clearly informed and communicated to seafarer.
  • Equal remuneration for work of equal value should apply to all seafarers employed on the same ship without discrimination based upon race , color, religion, political , national extraction or social origin
  • Relevant polices and related procedures have been formulated, established and documented in this regard. Every employ must follow the documented system while performing his/her job on a regular basis.
  • The quality policy is communicated to al level of employees of the organization through training and discussing in important business events. Employees of all levels of the organization are expected to fulfill the requirements of this policy in all their work related efforts and decisions.
  • Lastly the quality policy is reviewed in each management review meeting for suitability. Its distributions are controlled because of the possibility that might change.
  • It is ensured that the policy is communicated and understood within the organization and reviewed for continuing suitability.